Whether you’re planning a luxurious getaway for your group of friends or are ready to experience the next perfect family escape, gliding along the magnificent Murray River is an experience you’ll never forget.

To make the most of out your holiday, you have to book the best houseboat available.

In your very own private floating luxury hotel, the Carpe Diem Houseboat is unlike any of their competitors on the Murray, swapping the older model houseboats for a superb open design layout that is the epitome of luxury.

Completely built from scratch to be the best quality boat on the Murray River, with Carpe Diem House Boats you can experience the dual helm steer both upstairs and downstairs to ensure you never miss out on the celebration. Thanks to the flawless modern design, you can cook sensational meals in the huge gourmet kitchen while still feeling like you’re in a luxury hotel.

Crafted in 2016 by lovers of the water, the design is perfect for people comfortable on the water and those who have never enjoyed an experience like this before.

With three spacious bedrooms and leather seating, an open atmosphere is incorporated in the innovative design and acoustic roof, meaning you won’t feel seasick and can enjoy the

unforgettable views with peace of mind as your cruise along the sparkling water with your loved ones.

Life is too short to have boring holidays, which is why you only need a drivers license to operate the houseboat with lessons given on arrival during a prelaunch tour.

Seize the day and plan your next unforgettable holiday now with Carpe Diem House Boats.